About Build Our App Now

We offer a mobile platform that can create beautiful and engaging mobile apps. Our mobile apps offer the most native functionality available today.

Build Our App Now offers many levels of service:

- Standard Mobile platform (We set up 10 tabs and submit to android & apple)
- Premium mobile platform (Need a large amount of information in your app? This is your best option)

The mobile app industry is exploding and businesses of every kind are looking to create a mobile presence with smart phone applications. Large businesses can afford mobile development costs.

Small Buisness
But what about small businesses?

Build Our App Now is here to provide affordable solutions to level the playing field.
Build Our App Now is a company that provides high-end, affordable iphone and android applications that are looking to expand their existing marketing efforts.

We allow businesses to customize their mobile app, tabs, images, names and functions. Once your app is approved, you are able to update your app in real time without having to resubmit your app to the apple or android store.

Our platform allows customization of power features like:
• One Touch Calling,
• Branded Home Screen
• GPS Directions
• Social Integration
• Event Calendar
• Custom Forms
• UNLIMITED Push Notifications and much, much more!

Build Our App Now offers customer support to answer any questions that you may have.

In addition.
We offer professional set up and design!
We make the process as easy as 1.2.3!

Your Customers Are Mobile. Are You?